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We offer a range of services to help turn your design into a visual learning experience.

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Concept Design

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Special Projects

We also combine these disciplines and work with our collaborative partners to develop and build bespoke interactive experiences like our Virtual Learning Worlds.
Virtual Learning worlds are CG images designed to work as a series of panoramic views that allow the individuals to have content provided to them in a clear contextual setting.

Getting Started

Getting Started couldn’t be simpler.

It might seem overwhelming at first but we’ve developed ‘The checklist’ to help our clients tackle some of the key issues in developing a content development strategy.

1. What is my content needed for?

Content exists to entertain,educate and communicate. By deciding which yours falls under you’ve already set the design process in motion.

2. Who is my audience?

Choosing who you’re speaking too is a critical factor. Narrowing down who the content is for is key but your audience may be larger and more diverse than your intended demographic. Make sure that your message is clearly targeted to who you wish to speak too and that it isn’t going to cause problems with people its not intended for.

3. Whats my message?

You have something to say and you’ve thought about the audience now be clear about the message. Make sure it is in the language that your audience understands best.

4. What is the best voice to for the message?

Getting a clear style is the goal here. Once you have nailed down the audience the message and the the goals you can start to get a picture of how best to communicate it clearly.

5. Does this content need to be completely new?

When commissioning content it  can be tempting to talk to a designer and ask for something completely new. This isn’t a good starting point. There are people talking to your audience already, look at what they are doing.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t copy competitors, but don’t try and reinvent the wheel either. When communicating with people let them tell you how they like to be spoken too. Your competitors might be doing a great job of it, or they could be doing it horribly.

There is a middle ground, start there.

Once you have know the answers to these it’s simply a matter of us producing it for you.

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