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“To make a man a sailor, don’t teach him to sail, give him a yearning for the sea.”


Engagment Enablement and Empowement are the trinity of success factors that lead to Employee Effectiveness. An effective employee is one that is on the ground, is highly motivated and able to use sound judgement and quick thinking to ensure that the goals of the business are served. How do you achieve this feat?

Any manager worth their salt will tell you, this can only happen when the training is excellent, the training is constant and the individuals are highly motivated.



We often hear a lot of the same concerns from HR and Learning and Development professionals when it comes to pulling a training program together here are some of the questions we get asked.

We need to change behaviours how can your content help?

Simplicity is the main key to changing behaviour. The clearer and simpler the message the more easily the new information is understood and the quicker the person can act on it.

Advertising/Marketing is an industry that is based on the concept of ‘changing behaviour’ it is no wonder that they understand the importance of simplicity as well as the challenges it presents. They also understand style tone, an emphasis on visuals and the relevance of channels is also hugely important to the communication of that message.

Getting your teams to change their behaviour is a case of having an advertising mindset. Some messages are exciting huge and need only some build up and a one off event to get that change. Some need multiple smaller events underpinned with constant contact. We help our clients understand that how best to deploy content and the channels best suited to those messages.



We Love your visual content but can you provide a bespoke LMS?

Yes we can.

But first do you need it?

We work with a number of Software Companies and programmers to create self contained, standalone Learning Experiences that solve specific issues like product knowledge training, service training and on-boarding. We understand the need to create an integrated reporting tool but often it just isn’t necessary.

How do I measure ROI of learning content?

Defining KPI’s are an important step to measuring the success of a content strategy. An LMS that has the analytics package to see what content individuals are looking at is important with e-learning. Marketers look at dwell times and use A/B testing to ensure that the best ideas and content are put forward. This is the strategy that L & D need to take when assessing the ROI on training content.


Our LMS doesn't have generate the data we need to track ROI do we need a new platform?

Not necessarily.

Historically SCORM as a package made content communicate more readily with the LMS, now we have xApi (Tin Can) which is the new standard and is far more robust and meaningful. It isn’t necessary to upgrade to the newest and shiniest platform if the old system works, especially when there are other options so readily available.

There is a plethora of software packages and services that can help host, deploy content and track how users interact with it through there analytics packages. By utilising these and developing great content, you can gradually gain knowledge on the possibilities and build a case for a switch to a better platform down the line.

How do i convince my superiors that a new platform is a good idea?

You don’t! The information (or lack thereof) does.

If you have correctly identified an issue and decided that training is required, you’ll have a good idea of whether your current platform can provide meaningful information. If it doesn’t then you will need to either upgrade your systems or create a workaround.

Budgets are tight so it may not be possible to purhcase a new LMS outright.

We believe that a well designed standalone content based learning Experience may be what is needed and can provide the data to help build a case for a change down the line.

We don’t make platforms so we’re not trying to tie you to anything, we make content that works with some of the biggest and best platforms on the market so we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Our competitors have recently updgraded to an XApi systemand we don't want to get left behind?

You may not have the exact same problems or challenges that your competitors are facing. We find that most businesses have a fully functioning communication network in place and a system that adequately captures the data that they need, what they often lack is a content strategy or a creative approach.

You probably already have training materials and communication channels (like inter office mail, intranet, employee magazines) These are often overlooked as viable areas for re-development in favour of the ‘high-tech’ approach. We recommend that you ensure that these are being used to their absolute potential and in line with a sound strategy before trying to upgrade computer systems.

Virtual Learning Worlds

We also combine these disciplines and work with our collaborative partners to develop and build bespoke interactive experiences like our Virtual Learning Worlds.
Virtual Learning worlds are CG images designed to work as a series of panoramic views that allow the individuals to have content provided to them in a clear contextual setting.

Content re-designed for channels you already have!


A drip drip strategy may require constant, quiet communication. Desk dropped flyers can be a great way to communicate a low impact message over a longer period of time

Rack Cards

Setting up a rack in high volume areas or breakout areas is a great way to attract attention to information.

Well designed rack cards can be a talking point or an appealing way to support a larger campaign.

Companion Sheets

Formal binders, brochures course support materials that help reinforce a message.

Hope this has helped.

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