Research tells us that 4% of new employees leave a job after a disastrous first day and 22% of staff turnovers occur in the first 45 days of employment.


Staff often face waiting anywhere between 1-4 weeks before getting any kind of formal training, which means they invariable end up ‘thrown in the deep end. This makes issues like Staff Turnover, Employee Satisfaction and the newest phenomenon of  ‘Ghosting’ (when new members of staff just simply disappear along with your recruitment costs) more likely.



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Virtual Learning World

Simple, versatile,  effective and (most importantly) interactive these can be a great touch-point between an organisation and staff.

Employee Welcome Pack Design

The law requires that new employees are given a handbook when they start working

But why stop at a handbook?

We believe this is a golden opportunity for you to create a welcome pack that starts the relationship with your new team members in the right way.

Orientation and Explainer Videos

Video content can be an effective tool for communicating to your team. We create animations and can add a creative flare to your pre-existing content.

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