Gym Works


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Gym Works

The Project

This was a self directed project to create a virtual learning environment designed for the brand concept ‘Gym Works’. The brand follows a similar model of an existing budget Gym Chain that uses a network of individual of personal trainers to staff their facilities.

The Challenge

With multiple locations and relying mainly on enterprising personal trainers to staff the facilities and take care of the day to day running of the gym, we looked carefully at ways we could repurpose our workflow and skills to create a hybrid environment that would sevre two purposes. The Primary objective; to illustrate the areas of the gym, and draw attention to some of the customer service,security, health and safety issues that the Personal trainers working within the brand would need to be aware of.

We conducted visual research and visited several gyms to understand some of the important features as well as identify areas that would require training that could be implemented as m-learning/e-learning content for busy trainers to look at outside of work.

The secondary objective was to provide an engaging piece of marketing content aimed at allowing prospective clients to get an idea of the brand, the general layout of a ‘Gym Works’ gym and information on the latest ‘Technogym’ machines. This tour is lightweight and viewable in an ordinary browser without the need for additional plugins or third party app installation.

The Results

The initial results were quite promising and we were able to create something that exceeded our own expectations. Our user interface designer provided us with an additional optional smartphone VR elements that optically accesses the content when used in conjunction with a headset. We integrated our ‘motion graphics’ featuring the Gym Works branding as an introduction to the tour. These help establish the experience and provide insight in how to navigate the 360 pano environments.

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