British Telecom



Customer Liason: Stuart Bower

Partner: Paul Berry

Additional support: The Creative Engine

BT Business Park

The Project

We were approached by our industry partners and BTLB to custom design a range of environments that represented the business environments of BT’s wireless communications customers. The idea being to illustrate the various products and uses in BT’s customer network to BT staff and channel partners

The environments were featured in BT’s Learning Management System as a visual learning portal and product tour.The inforspots were loaded with proprietary details, specs and information about the devices featured in the tour.

The Challenge

BT have lots of businesses clients and as a result the project had to be scaled down to a smaller range. They also needed to have a logical path through the tour for sales advisers, so we presented the concept of the ‘Business park’. Our partners and BT representatives were excited by our concept design sketches and were eager to see how the finished item would look.

Once the 2D concepts were signed off we were able to quickly deliver 3D mock ups that delighted the client and we quickly followed up with the final Computer Generated 360 degree panoramic tour.

The Results

The project was a success and became the centerpiece to their learning management system. It proved to be such a success that we were asked to create several other ‘panoramic’ and ‘static showcase’ environments that were to be used in a company wide learning initiative in helping to train a geographically diverse workforce in emerging technology and current system upgrades.

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