Academy Point



Concept Design and 3D Visuals: TRC Visual Learning

Industry Partners :Cirrus, Tour Vista

Additional Support: The Creative Engine


Cineworld Academy Portal

The Project

Cineworld, one of the top three UK cinema chains required a way to contextually present a cinema showcasing all the areas an employee needs to familiarise themselves with as part of their on-line training portal.

No single cinema in their portfolio comprised all the elements needed to be used effectively as a comprehensive illustration of the brand and its future expansion plans. In order to create the panorama views they wanted, they needed to build them.

Their industry partners recommended us (TRC Visual Learning), to concept design and create the idealised version of their brand as a set of Computer Generated Panoramas linked as a walkthrough.

The Challenge

Academy point came to us to create a visual representation of the ‘Ideal Cineworld’ a place that had the character of their city center cinemas, usually set in existing grade listed buildings, with the freshness of their purpose built multiplexes.

Initially we undertook site visits to several different types of cinema gathering detailed reference imagery, talked to staff and management about their unique challenges, and then concept designed a hybrid utilising elements from both types.

We used the learning content provided by Cineworld and designed the ideal cinema around it. The Computer Generated (CG) environments were then optimised to work as a Panoramic tour.

The tour would sit inside a SCORM compliant LMS that would serve content to individuals on their own devices allowing management to track which videos and training content had been accessed in the tour. So our panoramas had to work on a variety of browsers, both on PC and Mobile.

The Results

The rollout of the training has led to a drop in staff attrition by 20%, by simply enabling new recruits to get started in their training immediately by logging into the Cineworld learning portal. This element of the onboarding strategy has lowered the cost of recruitment and allows staff to revisit their training on a regular basis.

Our visual content has been the centerpiece of this training portal for the last several years and we are currently designing new environments and updates to reflect the changes recent changes in the brand.

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