Customer Liason: Stuart Bower

Partner: Paul Berry

Additional support: The Creative Engine

The Sony House

The Project

Sony is a well known producer of consumer electrical products and despite having a name fora focus on quality and reliability it has a wide variety of products from TV’s, Cameras to Game consoles.

Their products are also used by a whole spectrum of users in many ways. The brief was to showcase these products in the home setting to enable the design teams to get a picture of how these items would integrate with the lives of the final user in a familiar setting.

The Challenge

Designers of consumer goods must factor in the ways that the ‘end-user’ will interact with the technology once it has been created. The key to successful products lies soley in the ability of a designers abiliy to predict and account for how the device will be transported, stored and generally utilised.

Our challenge was to create a setting that these items would sit comfortably in. We needed to come up with content that succinctly illustrated how these items would sit in a in a home setting.

The idea of a 3D show home based on a modern interior design concept fitted with the general target market for Sony products and was deemed the best idea to comfortably ionclude the diverse range of products on a room-by-room tour. By building the house in CG we were able to have absolute control over the final environments, look, feel and colour schemes which meant that there was far more flexibility in tweaking details in the final stages than if we had attempted to use a real space.



The Results

The project was deployed on the company intranet and made accessible to all members of the design and management teams creating a ‘rosetta stone’ that allowed for meaningful discussions between team members with vastly different roles and responsibilities to have productive discussions about form, function and the customer journey.

Also as an added bit of fun, we included an ‘easter egg’; a picture of the design team slotted neatly into the tour.

(See if you can find it!) 


<iframe src="" width="1200" height="600"></iframe>

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