Produced by TRC Visual Learning

Story boarding; Scott Gazzard

3D Modelling: Karen Gazzard

Music: ‘Get Lost’ performed by Jeris

Music Supplied; Courtesy of ‘Heroboard’

Client and Brand Liaison: Tim Warboys



Walljam Concept Pitch Image

The Project

Carabao is a global energy drinks brand.

WallJam is a technological variation on a traditional schoolboy game backed up with the latest technology.

We were tasked with developing an animated promotional video that would showcase the way to bring these two companies together in one amazing brand activation.

Carabao are partnered with Premiership Football Clubs Chelsea and Reading and are currently expanding their brand presence in the UK.

The ‘Walljam’ had gained notoriety by being  featured on a segment called ‘Balls Eye’ on the ‘BT Sports; Football Tonight’ TV show. The aim was for football ‘Masters’ like Jimmy Bullard, Michael Owen,Trevor Sinclair and other names from the world of professional football to compete via the wall over the series.


The Challenge

The main goal was to find a way to present the Carabao brand to players and spectators at sites all over the UK.

Obviously the connecting tissue was football, which determined the direction of the project overall. We designed a promotional layout featuring Carabao branding that would allow not only a player experience but tap into what makes football so great; accessibility.

We developed the layout and the branding element to keep the play area open on all sides to facilitate a better view for spectators and increase the brand audience.

The Carabao slogan ‘Bring It On’ resonated with the Walljam tagline ‘Beat The Best’ and gave the whole concept the competitive edge it needed.

We focused on a stylistic ‘build montage’ of the entire set-up from start to finish, culminating in the blend into a fully CG rendered marketing image. Once the concept was in place we began working on storyboards and sketching sequences.

We worked with the cage fabricators and designers to create digital 3D models of the elements,which we’filmed’ with a multi-camera rig and used it to generate a variety of interesting angles. The shots were edited and composited together to match the the soundtrack ‘Get Lost’ performed by Jeris and provided courtesy of ‘Heroboard’.


The Results

The project was a great success, the client used one word to describe its impact in a management meeting, ‘Powerful’.

The feedback from the Walljam sales team and partner channel were equally positive. The sales team stated that ‘The animation is exactly the element that was missing‘, summarising by saying….‘it’s a game changer!’

The promo was used to eliminate any confusion over the core concept of the Walljam game experience and also visualise the ways in which the Carabao brand would be presented to an audience, removing any uncertainty regarding the end goal.

The promo created a wealth of promotional content that could be used to communicate with, brand marketing agencies and internal sales and marketing teams as well as be integrated into pitch-decks for corporate investment opportunities and partner presentations.

The content has been used in presentations to companies such as Adidas, Merlin Entertainment and BBC Match of the Day.

The physical version of this set up is currently on a promotional roadshow tour of the UK.



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